What's is all about?

It's all about the music, good or bad, acoustic or electric, or any way you can!

It's about making music from instruments made from reclaimed materials, that don't cost a small fortune.

We are not saying these instruments are made with the highest quality, no it's back to basics and a bit of fun!


For us it's the thrill of making a guitar, mandolin, dulcimer or any other stringed instrument from scratch.

When you first get to string up a build and hear a unique sound for the first time. Not always what you expect, but some just turn out special

Why become a member?

Well you don't have to, but it's a great place to get information on how to setup your guitar or even build your own.

Also if you purchase one of our instruments we would love to get your feedback good or bad.

Learn More

There is a wealth of information on our site once you join.

We hope you enjoy or guitars and site, thanks!

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