Not the normal Pickups!

We use all types of pickups, usually ones that have come from either damaged or striped down guitars.

We also manufacture ones from things like power supplies

We also purchase and fit the best hand made pickups in the world - see Elmar below

Elmar's Flatpups

Piezo Pickups

By far the cheapest and easyest way to make your guitar electric.

They can be bought for peanuts from any electrical retailer. I get mine from Maplins - £1.39


Elmars super thin pickups

Elmars flatpupsĀ are the worlds thinest pickups. They have a great tone and can be used on 3 to 6 string instruments.

They are especially good for cigar box guitars with a through neck as they just fit right under the strings.

Elmar even made a 9 string pickup for one of my projects

Please see video on the left

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All in one Pickups

All in one solutions are pickups, with volume and tone knobs & wiring supplied ready to use.

C B Gitty is an American supplier who i regularly use with great service and parts.


Old Power Supplies

Old 12v power supplies can be used to create crude but interesting pickups. The output sound can vary greatly, but they are unique!


More about power supply pickups

Zebra Style Pickups

These can often be found on Ebay for between £10 - £30 and have a great sound.


Strat Style Pickups

These can also be found on Ebay and are a very good budget pickup. Usually they come as a pack of 3. I think the last time we bought some we paid $12. That's £4 per pickup - bargin!