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We build bespoke stringed instruments from reclaimed materials

How many strings

3,4 & 6 strings CBGs

Cigar Box style guitars

9 String Stick

Fitted with Elmars first 9 string flatpup. He custom made this for us and it works a treat!

Ibanez 7, 8, & 9

Guitars, Amps & Music

Voodoo's Rock & Roll selection of guitars and hardware, ready to get down and dirty with. Head over to the shop & pick your's up today

Hand Made: All our guitars are custom made from junk.

Lo Fi: Not Fender, but you can't half knock out a tune on them.

Design Got you own design. Hell, we can do it for you!

Paint Swirl We can paint swirl any guitar!

Grid System: Responsive structure, up to 6 per row.

Support Classes: Visible & Hide classes for each response modes.

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Best Bits of Kit

Flat Pups from Elmar

These super skiny pickups make for easy installation and sound great

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  • Reclaimed Materials
    If we can save the trees, why not! We make use of art boxes, old wooden window frames, cigar boxes..anything we can find realy.
  • Satisfaction
    There is no better feeling, after building a guitar from junk, when the strings go on and you get to hear how good or bad it sounds.
  • Back to the roots of music
    Cigar box guitars were originally built in the mid 1840s to 1860s. We wish to carry on this tradition

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